About GM Outdoor Living, Pool & Spa

About GM Outdoor Living, Pool & Spa

Behind GM Outdoor Living, Pool & Spa

With an appreciation for a commitment to service and a focus on attention to detail gained from service in our nation's military, GM has been built on the belief that our purpose is to serve you, to bring your visions to life, and that no project is too big or too small, and no detail is unimportant.

We have since added weekly pool cleaning and maintenance to our available services to be able to provide our customers with the quality GM Outdoor Living, Pool & Spa experience they have come to appreciate from the building of their backyard oasis to the weekly maintenance of it. Our hopes and expectations are that we will build your pool and keep it cleaned and maintained, you just have to swim in and enjoy it!

From Landscaping to Excellence

Over the course of 25 years, as the demand for custom pools, outdoor living and patios has increased, GM's business has shifted away from landscaping where it started to focus on quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service in patios, outdoor kitchens and custom swimming pools.

How We Got Here – Our Story

What in the world does “GM” stand for? Interestingly enough it stands for “Grass Master!” When our founder was a young boy growing up in Humble he loved to mow his grandma and grandpa’s lawn. He loved the feeling of accomplishment looking at a fresh cut lawn after he was finished, he took pride in not missing a spot, and of course he loved the treats his grandma would give him when he was finished! As he got older, he began mowing the lawns of his neighbors, and his family took to affectionately referring to him as the Grass Master!

Upon leaving the US Marine Corps he decided to take his passion for helping people make their yards look pristine and started GM Landscaping, serving the Humble area. Through hard work, attention to detail, and strong customer service the business grew, and soon customers began to ask if he could build patios and outdoor kitchens. That lead to the fateful day when a friend asked if he could build his family a swimming pool, and thus GM Outdoor Living, Pool & Spa was born!

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